Dam Head Brook flowing through Bailey’s Wood is a tributary of Boggart Hole Brook flowing through the Clough to the River Irk. Topographically, therefore, Bailey’s Wood is part of the Boggart Hole Brook basin / watershed.

The Clough & Bailey’s Wood came to be seen as unrelated due to Charlestown Road running between them & the 1894 Boggart Hole Clough Municipal Park boundary excluding Bailey’s Wood.

The site of the former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital lies between Charlestown Road & Bailey’s Wood.


Ancient Woodlands Park proposal 18.10.2017

Wildway Network proposal 30.11.2017

North Manchester Ancient Woodlands Discovery Centre – a community proposal 29.4.2017

Re-uniting Bailey’s Wood & Boggart Hole Clough 10.7.2016

Combined archaeological & ecological preliminary proposals to sustainably regenerate Bailey’s Wood 14.5.2016

Bailey’s Wood – Ecological Assessment and Management Proposals Greater Manchester Ecology Unit, October 2015. Thanks to Manchester City Council for permission to publish this report.

Booth Hall

Objections to demolition of former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital – petition, email transcripts including complaints regarding lack of public consultation, etc, from 2008 to 2016 23.2.2016

Appendix to ‘Objections to demolition of former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital’ 23.2.2016

Objection to proposed demolition of the Lodge Gatehouse of former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital – email transcript 6.5.2015

Save former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital administration building from demolition 27.6.2013

History of Booth Hall Hospital 2009. Published courtesy of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Twelve suggestions for Site Specific Allocations in the Irk Valley 8.2.2008