Welcome to the website of the Friends of Boggart Hole Clough (FoBHC).

During 2015, FoBHC replaced the name Boggart Hole Clough Community Action Trust (BHCCAT).

Boggart Hole Clough (BHC) is located in North Manchester, England.

Manchester City Council (MCC) is the landowner.

Restoring a Lake-shading Sweep of Trees 28.11.2021

Invasive non-native plant species undermining the_biodiversity health of Boggart_Hole_Clough_Ancient Woodland 28.3.2021

Waterbirds at Boggart Hole Clough Lakes 29.3.2021

‘End all wars’ – Angel Hill War Memorial centenary of ‘unveiling’ 28.5.2021

Hough Hall Moston – revolutionizing our history 2.7.2021-21.11.2021

Hough Hall Moston – revolutionizing our history 2.7.2021-6.11.2021

Hough Hall Moston – revolutionizing our history 2.7.2021

Micro sample of biodiversity in Boggart Hole Clough Ancient Woodland 30.3.2021

Sample_of_Fungi_species_in_Boggart Hole Clough_Ancient_Woodland 26.10.2021

Free_Natural_History_Walks – restoring biodiversity health 27.7.2020

Boggart_Weekly_Waterbirds_Survey_flyer_poster 28.7.2020

Boggart_Hole_Clough_priorities_for_grant_bid_from_MCC_Parks_Improvement_Fund 31.8.2021

Forest_Planet_City_pages 1-9 revised FoBHC 15.10.2020-1.1.2021

Forest_Planet_City_pages 1-9 FoBHC 15.10.2020-1.1.2021

Forest Planet City – ecological egalitarian socialism restoring biodiversity health 15.10.2020-31.10.2020 (pages 1-8)

Forest Planet City – ecological egalitarian socialism restoring biodiversity health 15.10.2020 (page 1)

Restoring biodiversity health – socialist environmentalism 19.2.2020

Biodiversity Health Service – working for the welfare of people & wildlife 18.2.2020

Generating planetary health – our new rubric & emblem 16.2.2020

‘Help Our Environment !’ poster 30.5.2020

‘Walking is man’s best medicine’ flyer / poster 24.12.2016

Biodiversity Health Centre proposal 17.5.2019

FoBHC 16.1.2020 email to City of Trees

Revivifying the Lake 17.10.2018

Wildway Network proposal 30.11.2017

Ancient Woodlands Park proposal 18.10.2017

Socialist environmentalism 21.6.2017

North Manchester Ancient Woodlands Discovery Centre – a community proposal 29.4.2017

Update re North Manchester Ancient Woodlands Discovery Centre – a community proposal 28.5.2017

Re-uniting Bailey’s Wood & Boggart Hole Clough10.7.2016

Angel Hill War Memorial description & related information 11.11.2016

Angel Hill War Memorial anti-war flyer / poster 11.11.2016

Combined archaeological ecological preliminary proposals to sustainably regenerate Bailey’s Wood 14.5.2016

Restoring the Clough’s biodiversity health 19.2.2015

Waterbirds habitat damaged at Boggart Hole Clough LNR 13.4.2016

Objection to proposed demolition of Lodge Gatehouse of former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital – email transcript 6.5.2015

Objections to demolition of former Booth Hall Children’s Hospital – petition, email transcripts including complaints regarding lack of public consultation, etc, from 2008 to 2016 23.2.2016

Japanese Knotweed in Boggart Hole Clough environs 24.9.2015

All Abilities Cycling 16.12.2015

Proposal to create reedbeds in the Lake 2.4.2014

Recent planting of non-native trees spoils Ancient Woodland 28.2.2011

Lakeside Cafe 17.12.2015

The living legends of Boggart Hole Clough North Manchester & Middleton Independent newspaper March 2010.

Park oaks ‘a legacy’ The Advertiser newspaper 24.6.2010.

Boggart Hole Clough & the 1896 Campaign for Free Speech 24.8.2016

The Bar-Gaist from John Roby’s Traditions of Lancashire 22.2.2017

Lakeside Music Summer 2010 report

Helping the Clough to thrive flyer / poster 19.12.2015

Park_Development_Plan_for_Boggart_Hole_Clough MCC, 17.1.2019. Thanks to MCC for permission to publish this plan.

Natural Community Space

Boggart volunteers

Volunteering Opportunities

Boggart Legend poem by anonymous author

Proposal to relocate Boggart Hole Clough / Glen Avenue west pedestrian gate 19.3.2013

Rochdale & Charlestown Roads corner pedestrian gateway proposal

Free Natural History Walks – restoring biodiversity health 17.2.2020

Boggart Hole Clough 2007-08 Review

Boggart Birding Club flyer

Boggart Wildlife Walks flyer

Boggart Wildlife Group flyer

Boggart Wildlife Group introduction

Join the friends & help the Clough to thrive

Equal Opportunities Policy  24.2.2013

Rubric: Protecting and revitalizing Boggart Hole Clough Ancient Woodland Park

Selection_of_FoBHC_pages_flyers_posters 31.12.2020

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